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Various - Modern Worship - Everybody Worship

Various - Modern Worship - Everybody Worship
Artist:Various - Modern Worship
Title:Everybody Worship
Description:Every Sunday millions of people around the world come together to worship, but some of us are restless, searching for new words & new sounds that glorify Him, it's not about singing familiar songs in church, it's about creating a new experience in Worship that gives Him glory & makes us grow. Using the tools of this new world to communicate His truth & lift Him up, Everybody Worship is creating the most inspiring new worship music for a new generation of worshipers.
Songs: 1.Jesus Is King 2.Break Through 3.Glory 4.Out Of Ashes 5.At Your Mercy Seat 6.We're Amazed 7.Unashamed 8.The Wonderful 9.The Lamb Has Overcome 10.You Are Incredible 11.Leave Everything Behind 12.Let Your Holy Rain Fall Down 13.Time Alone 14.Intervene 15.To God Be The Glory
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Condition:Brand New