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Lisa McClenden - Live From The House Of Blues

Lisa McClenden - Live From The House Of Blues
Artist:Lisa McClenden
Title:Live From The House Of Blues
Description:This live recording of Neo-soul, blues & gospel singer Lisa McClendon captures a smooth performance from the House of Blues in New Orleans. Featuring laid back jazz with occasional bursts of bright flavor.
Songs: 1.Made 2.Just Another Day 3.But For Eternity 4.Right There 5.You Can 6.Uphold Me 7.All You've Done For Me 8.About Your Love For Me 9.You Still Love Me 10.Who Can Love You More 11.Joy Of My Desire 12.Soul Music Medley 13.Move On Over
Genre(s):Contemporary, Worship
Price: $7.00 (on special, normally $10.00 )
Condition:Brand New