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Jonah 33 - The Strangest Day

Jonah 33 - The Strangest Day
Artist:Jonah 33
Title:The Strangest Day
Description:With a passion & hunger to reach people who are in the dark world he once inhabited, Vince Lichlyter (Lead singer & Songwriter) puts heavy emotion into his lyrics, which stem from the personal issues he once faced. With razor-sharp melodies, unique guitar lines & inventive lyrics Jonah 33 challenges the listener to take a look inside & see their own ache.
Songs: 1.This Is It (You Instead Of Me) 2.Tell Me 3.The Strangest Day 4.Solution 5.Desensitized 6.Search Me Know Me 7.Burning Clean 8.Father's Song 9.Mystery 10.Need To Let Go
Genre(s):Alternative/Rock/Metal, Contemporary
Price: $7.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap