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VeggieTales - Storytime With Bob & Larry Vol 2 CD

VeggieTales - Storytime With Bob & Larry Vol 2 CD
Title:Storytime With Bob & Larry Vol 2 CD
Description:Packed with music & fun, you'll love hearing three classic VeggieTales episodes on one CD! In Larry Boy & the Bad Apple join Larryboy as he fight the Bad apple & learns that we can't fight temptation with our the help off God & our friends. Then saddle up for a western adventure that reminds us to keep the faith when facing hardship because God can work all things our for good in "The Ballad of Little Joe". Finally, sing along with the Veggie crew in Lyle & the Kindly Viking, a musical adventure that teaches us sharing gains more of what we really want--friends! Also includes the VeggieTales theme song.
Songs: 1.LarryBoy & The Bad Apple 2.The Ballad Of Little Joe 3.Lyle The Kindly Viking
Price: $12.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap