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The Rocket Summer - Of Men & Angels

The Rocket Summer - Of Men & Angels
Artist:The Rocket Summer
Title:Of Men & Angels
Description:With a title plucked from a Bible verse on the necessity of love, it comes as no surprise that the Rocket Summer's 4th full-length album, Of Men & Angels, is almost relentlessly positive & uplifting. With Bryce Avary at the helm of most every instrument on the album, as well as acting as producer, the music is what fans of the recording have come to expect from the talented singer/songwriter.
Songs: 1.Roses 2.You Gotta Believe 3.Hills And Valleys 4.I Want Something To Live For 5.Walls 6.Pull Myself Together 7.Of Men & Angels 8.I Need A Break...But I'd Rather Have A Breakthrough 9.Nothing Matters 10.Japanese Exchange Student 11.Tara- I'm Terrible 12.Hey! 13.Let You Go 14.This Is A Refuge 15.Light
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Condition:Brand New