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Phil Stacey - Into The Light

Phil Stacey - Into The Light
Artist:Phil Stacey
Title:Into The Light
Description:With a big voice & smile to match, Phil Stacey found his way into the hearts & living rooms of more than 30 million viewers each week during season 6 of American Idol. The son/grandson of pastors, Phil attended University attaining a degree in music & later became a worship pastor in Denver. This modern pop offering builds on the big, soulful voice America fell in love with & Phil's biblical testimony to an unshakable, loving God.
Songs: 1.Inside Out 2.It's Gotta Be Love 3.You're Not Shaken 4.Sanctuary 5.One 6.With All My Heart 7.Into The Light 8.Some Kind Of Love 9.Glorious 10.Hard To Get 11.Old Glory
Price: $9.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap