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The Digital Age - Evening & Morning CD

The Digital Age - Evening & Morning CD
Artist:The Digital Age
Title:Evening & Morning CD
Description:Often endings are just new beginnings in disguise. As the curtain closes on a decade of the David Crowder Band, long-time band members Mike Dodson, Mark Waldrop, Jack Parker & Jeremy Bush sought to write a new chapter in their story by continuing to create, perform & produce music together for the Church. It was out of that desire to keep serving the faithful that The Digital Age was born. Their debut release is a lush, enveloping collection of original songs of worship.
Songs: 1.Captured 2.Symphony Of Grace 3.All The Poor & Powerless 4.Your Name (We Shout) 5.Overcome 6.Through The Night 7.Glow 8.Break Every Chain 9.Believe 10.God Of Us All 11.Always You 12.Morning Song
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Condition:Brand New