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VeggieTales - Sumo Of The Opera DVD

VeggieTales - Sumo Of The Opera DVD
Title:Sumo Of The Opera DVD
Description:A Lesson In Perseverance - Your favorite Veggie friends teach a lesson on perseverance based on Hebrews 10:36 in this zany tale! Larry the Cucumber stars as the 'Italian Scallion,' a joking pro wrestler who has a knack of not actually finishing what he starts. But Larry finds that it's no laughing matter when he lands in the ring with Apollo Gourd. Can he stick with it long enough to finish the match? Will he learn that when you finish what you start, you always come out a winner? How does a cucumber look in wrestling gear, anyway? Also don't miss the animated VeggieTales short 'Going Up.' It follows the slapstick adventures of the Three Veggie Stooges as they try to deliver a very grand piano to a mansion on the top of a very big hill! Also, Larry sings 'School House Polka,' a funatically phonetical silly song with Larry! Bonus features include Behind the Scenes, How to Draw the Characters, Art Gallery, Veggie Karaoke & heaps more. Region 1
Price: $15.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap