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VeggieTales - A Snoodle's Tale DVD

VeggieTales - A Snoodle's Tale DVD
Title:A Snoodle's Tale DVD
Description:A Lesson In Self Worth - There's a curious building in the middle of Snoodleburg. It's a clock tower where every fourth Tuesday at quarter past nine a tiny young Snoodle is created, complete with a backpack. None of the Snoodles take time to question this mystery of life, until one day the newest Snoodle, asks himself, What do I look like, what am I here for? So begins this Snoodle's quest to discover the meaning of his life. He tries out the gifts he finds in his backpack. But as he tries to put these gifts to use, the other Snoodles laugh, make fun of him & discourage him. In search of answers, the Snoodle wanders up Mt. Ginchez where he meets a stranger who shows him that he is wonderfully & fearfully made in the image of his Creator. Just like this Snoodle, kids too will discover that it's God's pictures they must carry in their hearts. In addition to the fairy tale about Snoodle Doo, you'll get to see the story of Dr Jiggle & Mr Sly, a story about a jiggly Jimmy Gourd & a mysterious, disco-dancing stranger. Bonus Features: Audio Commentary, Behind the Scenes Features, Progression Reel, King George & the Ducky Trivia, How to Draw the Characters, Art Gallery, Interactive Storybook, Veggie Karaoke & more! Region 1
Price: $15.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap