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VeggieTales - Madame Blueberry DVD

VeggieTales - Madame Blueberry DVD
Title:Madame Blueberry DVD
Description:A Lesson In Thankfulness - The story of a very blue berry. Why so blue? Because Madame Blueberry wants more stuff. Sure, she has everything she needs, good friends, plenty of food, a nice tree house to live in, but some of her friends have a lot more. Sound familiar? Let your kids spend a little time with Madame Blueberry & the rest of the veggies & they'll learn that 'being greedy makes you grumpy, but a thankful heart is a happy heart!' Madame Blueberry teaches kids why God wants us to be thankful for what we have. Bonus features include Love Songs with Mr Lunt!, Trivia Game, Behind the Scenes, How to draw Madame Blueberry, Veggie Karaoke & heaps more. Region 1
Price: $15.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap