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VeggieTales - Multi Feature Veggietales DVD

VeggieTales - Multi Feature Veggietales DVD
Title:Multi Feature Veggietales DVD
Description:Little guys can do big things too! Kids can learn how to boost their self-esteem, deal with bullies & have perseverance with three fun adventures that show where true strength comes from! Tap into the power of these great lessons from your friends at VeggieTales! Includes...Minnesota Cuke & The Search for Samson's Hairbrush - A Lesson In Dealing With Bullies. Sumo Of The Opera - A Lesson In Perseverance. Dave & The Giant Pickle - A Lesson In Self-Esteem . Also has heaps of bonus features including 3 great silly Songs! Region 1
Genre(s):Kids, Spoken/Music
Price: $20.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap