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Kreyson - 20 Years Of Kreyson

Kreyson - 20 Years Of Kreyson
Title:20 Years Of Kreyson
Description:Kreyson was the first Christian metal group from the heart of Europe, they released Czech & English versions of their first 2 releases & were awarded Gold Records. With 20 Years of Kreyson, the band headed back into the studio & re-recorded 10 of their fan favorite classic tunes for their first ever North American release. This disc is a full on, fist in the air assault of power chords, polished guitar solos & searing vocal harmonies!
Songs: 1.Judgement Day 2.Cursing & Crying 3.Ten 4.Cry Out 5.The Lord Will Come 6.Mary 7.Parable 8.Stay 9.Endure The Night 10.Warrior Angel

11.Salome (Bonus Video)

Price: $12.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap