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Wayne Watson - Living Room

Wayne Watson - Living Room
Artist:Wayne Watson
Title:Living Room
Description:When it came time to choose a title for his Spring Hill Music debut, Wayne Watson didn't have to think too long about it. For a man who has spent his whole career writing & singing about life, both the divine & the temporal, the phrase 'Living Room' seemed more than appropriate, especially in light of what he's learned over the last few years. This project finds him stretching himself musically & spiritually into some new spaces.
Songs: 1.Grace 2.Cry Of My Heart 3.Somebody Sing 4.Glorify Your Name 5.The Promise 6.Something's Gonna Humble You 7.Long Way From The Manger 8.Dreaming Again 9.Climb On Up 10.Steal Me Away
Price: $5.00 (on special, normally $10.00 )
Condition:Shrink Wrap