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Peter Furler - Sun & Shield CD

Peter Furler - Sun & Shield CD
Artist:Peter Furler
Title:Sun & Shield CD
Description:After 22 years as the main creative force behind Newsboys, followed by his solo success Peter Furler could be excused if he'd decided to rest on his laurels. Instead, the writer behind 27 No 1 radio singles has come back with one of the strongest albums of his career. Combining an ambitious collection of new songs with a more muscular, band-driven sound that harkens back to the glory days!
Songs: 1.Sun & Shield 2.So High 3.Dare I Say 4.Shame 5.Yeshua (With Mylon Le Fevre) 6.The Overcomer 7.It's Alright (For Lazarus) 8.Right Wrong Girl 9.The High Road 10.We Won't Forget
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Condition:Brand New