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BarlowGirl - Another Journal Expanded Edition

BarlowGirl - Another Journal Expanded Edition
Title:Another Journal Expanded Edition
Description:BarlowGirl had an incredible first year on the national scene, they became the 'Best Selling New Artist' with 'Song of the Year' in multiple formats. During this exciting year, the 3 sisters continued to fall even more in love with the Creator through their journaling & its here, where most of the songs from this album were pulled from. Touching on topics such as purity, self worth & trust. This expanded edition also features 5 extra songs, 3 music videos & additional home video, pictures & exclusive content!
Songs: 1.Grey 2.Let Go 3.I Need You To Love Me 4.Enough 5.Porcelain Heart 6.Take Me Away 7.Psalm 73 (My God's Enough) 8.5 Minutes Of Fame 9.Thoughts Of You 10.No One Like You 11.Never Alone (Acoustic Version) 12.For The Beauty Of The Earth 13.On My Own (Acoustic Version) 14.Porcelain Heart (Acoustic Version) 15.I Need You To Love Me (Acoustic Version) 16.Never Alone (Radio Edit)
Price: $9.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap