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Sixpence None The Richer - Divine Discontent

Sixpence None The Richer - Divine Discontent
Artist:Sixpence None The Richer
Title:Divine Discontent
Description:Pushing aside broken relationships in both their professional & personal lives in the last 5 years, members of Sixpence are probably more relieved than anyone else to finally see the arrival of Divine Discontent. Yet true art seems to take its purest form when forged through turmoil & this much-anticipated release is as pure as solid gold. The 12 tracks featured here are nothing short of a brilliant pop tapestry woven through Leigh Nash's airy & vibrant vocals & songwriter Matt Slocum's finely textured guitar work.
Songs: 1.Breathe Your Name 2.Tonight 3.Down And Out Of Time 4.Don't Dream It's Over 5.Waiting On The Sun 6.Still Burning 7.Melody Of You 8.Paralyzed 9.I've Been Waiting 10.Eyes Wide Open 11.Dizzy 12.Tension Is A Passing Note 13.A Million Parachutes
Price: $7.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap