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Sheila Walsh - Love Falls Down

Sheila Walsh - Love Falls Down
Artist:Sheila Walsh
Title:Love Falls Down
Description:Sometimes the sheer magnitude of pain & need in the world threatens to crush us to the ground. In her latest project, Sheila reminds us that God's boundless love falls down upon us constantly, infusing us with strength & hope. Performing in the timeless Celtic style of her Scottish heritage, Sheila encourages you to look up for God's holy sustenance, the answer to the world's sorrow. Her songs proclaim assurance of God's eternal love & mercy for each moment.
Songs: 1.Love Falls Down 2.Lead Me To The Water 3.Again And Again 4.Always 5.Where Truth And Mercy Meet 6.You Are Jesus 7.I'll Be Waiting 8.The Love Of God 9.No One Loves Me Like You 10.Your Love Provides
Price: $9.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap