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Audio Adrenaline - Adios - The Greatest Hits

Audio Adrenaline - Adios - The Greatest Hits
Artist:Audio Adrenaline
Title:Adios - The Greatest Hits
Description:With over 3 million albums sold, 17 No 1 radio hits & thousands of live concerts, Audio Adrenaline leaves a legacy unmatched by any other artist. The band's Adios release is packed with big rocking anthems, powerful ballads & radio mega-hits.
Songs: 1.Big House 2.We're A Band 3.Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus 4.Goodbye 5.Chevette 6.Some Kind Of Zombie 7.Get Down 8.Hands & Feet 9.Mighty Good Leader 10.Ocean Floor 11.Beautiful 12.Blaze Of Glory 13.Leaving 99 14.Pierced 15.Miracle 16.King 17.Starting Over
Genre(s):Contemporary, Alternative/Rock/Metal
Price: $9.00
Condition:Brand New