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Randy Stonehill - Lazarus Heart

Randy Stonehill - Lazarus Heart
Artist:Randy Stonehill
Title:Lazarus Heart
Description:Randy, whose discography spans over 31 years, first took to melding his honest lyrics of faith, struggle & hope with rootsy folk-rock music in 1970 under the tutelage of his friend & fellow rocker Larry Norman. Alongside a small cadre of Christian artists considered too 'Christian' for the mainstream & too 'Rock & Roll' for the church, Randy blazed trails that are now easily traveled by Christian musicians, influencing countless young fans & future artists along the way.
Songs: 1.A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept 2.I Turn To You 3.In Jesus' Name 4.Under The Rug 5.Remember My Name 6.That's Why We Don't Love God 7.When I'm Afraid 8.Shadow Man 9.Zurich In The Snow 10.Troubles 11.The Lazarus Heart
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