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Rachael Lampa - Kaleidoscope

Rachael Lampa - Kaleidoscope
Artist:Rachael Lampa
Description:What happens when you look at the world through a Kaleidoscope? You see things a bit differently. The same happens when you listen to Rachael Lampa's sophomore CD of the same name. Instead of the meshing of colours, you get meshing of genres of music & instruments. And all the fragments of song topics are slightly different parts making up one whole picture, the Christian life.
Songs: 1.Savior Song 2.I'm All Yours 3.Brand New Life 4.Lead Me (I'll Follow) 5.No Greater Love 6.For Your Love 7.Beautiful 8.Sanctuary 9.It's About You 10.Give Your Heart Away 11.A Song For You
Price: $7.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap