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Pocket Full Of Rocks - Manifesto

Pocket Full Of Rocks - Manifesto
Artist:Pocket Full Of Rocks
Description:According to band members the dictionary describes 'manifesto' as a public declaration of ones intents, motives & desires. History is marked with pivotal manifestos, both positive & negative. But without a doubt the greatest is of God's endless love for us all. Our prayer is that you will hear this divine manifesto over your life like never before. And in response, may the world around you begin to hear your public declaration of extravagant worship & life altering truth.'
Songs: 1.Good To Be Here 2.At The Cross 3.Who Is This King? 4.Let The Worshippers Arise 5.Beautiful You 6.Your Love 7.Water (There Is None Like You) 8.Heal 9.My Everything 10.Take Me There 11.Worst Of Us 12.There You Are 13.At The Cross (Extended)
Price: $7.00 (on special, normally $10.00 )
Condition:Shrink Wrap