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Nicole C. Mullen - Nicole C. Mullen

Nicole C. Mullen - Nicole C. Mullen
Artist:Nicole C. Mullen
Title:Nicole C. Mullen
Description:After backing up Michael W. Smith, Nicole goes solo mixing R&B, gospel & urban pop to create what she calls 'funkabilly', a deep down groove sound your soul & feet can't resist. Listen to these songs & test it out for yourself!
Songs: 1.Shooby 2.Butterfly 3.Farewell 4.Granny's Angel 5.Family Tree 6.Blowin' Kisses 7.Redeemer 8.Black, White, Tan 9.Freedom 10.Homemade 11.Color 12.On My Knees
Price: $5.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap