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Nicole C. Mullen - Everyday People

Nicole C. Mullen - Everyday People
Artist:Nicole C. Mullen
Title:Everyday People
Description:Nicole C Mullen has become one of the most loved & respected singer/songwriters in the Christian industry. Everyday People is a theme about real people, fans that have left an impact on Nicole, friends dealing with abuse, issues like freedom & how all these people reconcile with their creator.
Songs: 1.Everyday People 2.I Am 3.Message For Ya 4.This This 5.Music Of My Heart 6.Bye Bye Brianna 7.Dancin' In The Rain 8.The One 9.Gon' Be Free 10.Without You 11.Deity 12.It's About Us 13.Valorie 14.Every Nation
Price: $7.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap