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Michael Neale - Made Me Glad

Michael Neale - Made Me Glad
Artist:Michael Neale
Title:Made Me Glad
Description:Michael Neale is the worship pastor for Christ Fellowship in Florida, an exploding church of over 18,000 attendees & one of the fastest growing churches in the US. Experience this all new recording capturing the unique blend of new songs, worship favorites & traditional hymns designed to lift the hearts of hearers toward Jesus.
Songs: 1.Glorious 2.Only A God Like You 3.You're Good Lord 4.Do Justly 5.Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty 6.A Thousand Tongues 7.Stand In The Gap 8.Made Me Glad 9.In This Place 10.All That I Am 11.Just As I Am 12.Flow To You
Price: $9.00
Condition:Brand New