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Mercy Me - Coming Up To Breathe

Mercy Me - Coming Up To Breathe
Artist:Mercy Me
Title:Coming Up To Breathe
Description:Mercy Me returns with their 4th studio release, a diverse collection of new material ranging from uptempo rock jams to bluesy country romps, balanced by their singularly moving worship ballads. Coming Up to Breathe offers new intensity with edgy guitars & massive, sing-along choruses, inviting fans & new listeners alike to join in praise.
Songs: 1.Coming Up To Breathe 2.So Long Self 3.Hold Fast 4.Something About You 5.You're To Blame 6.No More No Less 7.Where I Belong 8.Bring The Rain 9.Last One Standing 10.One Trick Pony 11.3:42 AM 12.Safe & Sound 13.I Would Die For You
Price: $9.00
Condition:Brand New