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Mark Schultz - Stories & Songs

Mark Schultz - Stories & Songs
Artist:Mark Schultz
Title:Stories & Songs
Description:Mark Schultz has the perfect ability to tell stories through his music that can pierce our hearts. One minute, his songs can be catchy & even funny & then he hits you smack in your emotions with a truth that can't be ignored. Stories & Songs is full of those emotional moments & is destined to become a must have for all music collections.
Songs: 1.You Are A Child Of Mine 2.Everywhere 3.Letters From War 4.Do You Even Know Me Anymore 5.Time That Is Left 6.Running Just To Catch Myself 7.It's Been A Long Time 8.He Will Carry Me 9.Just To Know You 10.Closer To You 11.Time That Is Left (Reprise)
Price: $9.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap