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Stars Go Dim - Better

Stars Go Dim - Better
Artist:Stars Go Dim
Description:Songs are like little polaroids in a scrapbook. My latest project, Better, is simply that... little polaroids of real life told through songs. The past few years have been full of transition, pain, hurt, redemption, joy, love... full of life. I hope that's what you hear when you listen. I'm grateful for each moment, grateful for the journey.
Songs: 1.It's Gonna Get Better 2.I Look To You 3.Heaven On Earth 4.Pieces 5.You Know Me Better 6.Revival 7.For Worse Or Better 8.I Believe 9.God Is For Us 10.Invisible 11.All Free 12.Autobiography (When I Found You)
Price: $22.00
Condition:Brand New