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Lindy & The Circuit Riders - Driven By Love

Lindy & The Circuit Riders - Driven By Love
Artist:Lindy & The Circuit Riders
Title:Driven By Love
Description:Worship leader, songwriter & missionary Lindy Conant offers her major label debut with band The Circuit Riders. The Oklahoma native has followed the path from leading worship in small college settings to spontaneous musical moments in stadiums, setting the stage for an electrifying collection of original songs.
Songs: 1.Stand In Awe 2.Driven By Love 3.Driven By Love (Spontaneous) 4.Not Ashamed 5.Obedience 6.Obedience (Spontaneous) 7.We Will Ride 8.Mercy 9.Beautiful & Glorious 10.Hands & Feet 11.Mark My Hands 12.Can't Keep Quiet 13.Worthy Of It All
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Condition:Brand New