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Will Reagan & United Pursuit - Tell All My Friends

Will Reagan & United Pursuit - Tell All My Friends
Artist:Will Reagan & United Pursuit
Title:Tell All My Friends
Description:United Pursuit Band defies today's worship genre norms, always reaching for more. Their sound is diverse as their members, "Our mission is to create a culture of worship & of hosting God's presence, all centered around community living. It's in this place of God's life-giving presence that our songs are born & we pray will stir the heart of a generation to love Jesus & pursue Him with everything. This is our united pursuit."
Songs: 1.You Carried Me 2.Let You Go 3.Not In A Hurry 4.Need You More 5.Speak To The Silence 6.Feeling Low 7.Lay It All Down 8.I Can Tell 9.Leave This House Singing 10.Nothing Without You
Price: $20.00
Condition:Brand New