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Various - Alternative/Rock/Metal - Alternative Twin Pack 6

Various - Alternative/Rock/Metal - Alternative Twin Pack 6
Artist:Various - Alternative/Rock/Metal
Title:Alternative Twin Pack 6
Description:Underneath The Gun - Forfeit Misfortunes - Underneath The Gun delivers intense death metal influenced hardcore. While their speedy & dexterous instrument gymnastics ignite firestorms in the mosh pit, the message behind the fury is one of love, hope & compassion.....Underoath - Survive Kaleidoscope - The CD includes 12 highlight recordings from their national tour, while the DVD puts you in the front row for their sold-out show at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia. This explosive live release from Florida hardcore outfit Underoath features electrifying live renditions.

1.Underneath The Gun - Forfeit Misfortunes


3.Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies 4.Reflection Of The Commonwealth 5.Looking Deep In Shallow Water 6.Penitence 7.A Sharp Definition Of Dull 8.Shawshank Absolution 9.No Place For Pardon 10.Crescendo 11.Rising Words 12.Breathing New Lungs


14.Underoath - Survive Kaleidoscope


16.Returning Empty Handed 17.In Regards To Myself 18.It's Dangerous Business 19.You're Ever So Inviting 20.To Whom It May Concern 21.A Moment Suspended In Time 22.Young & Aspiring 23.Writing On The Walls 24.Everyone Looks So Good 25.Casting Such A Thin Shadow 26.Moving For The Sake Of Motion 27.A Boy Brushed Red
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