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Fireflight - Twin Pack!!

Fireflight - Twin Pack!!

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Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:The Healing Of Harms - Truth, love & boldness weave thematically through the terrain of the debut release from female-fronted rock band Fireflight. The Healing of Harms is a brash display of raw energy colliding with a beauty that heals, melodic vocals soaring like a shining hope. ... Now - Fireflight is back with their signature aggressive rock sound, electronic layers, the dynamic voice of lead singer Dawn Michele & an urgent call to make a difference now!

1.The Healing Of Harms


3.Serenity 4.Waiting 5.You Decide 6.It's You 7.Star Of The Show 8.Liar 9.Myself 10.Something New 11.Attitude 12.More Than A Love Song 13.Action




17.Stay Close 18.Ignite 19.Escape 20.He Weeps 21.Keeping Me Alive 22.Stronger Than You Think 23.Prove Me Wrong 24.Dying For Your Love 25.Rise Above 26.Now
Genre(s):Alternative/Rock/Metal, Contemporary
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