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Various - Alternative/Rock/Metal - Special Twin Pack!!

Various - Alternative/Rock/Metal - Special Twin Pack!!
Artist:Various - Alternative/Rock/Metal
Title:Special Twin Pack!!
Description:Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne - Christian art-core heroes Devil Wears Prada return with their new release for Ferret Records 'Dead Throne'. It is a blistering set of furious guitar & thunderdrum originals. .... Demon Hunter - Live In Nashville - Accompanying audio recording to the live DVD from their 45 Days release, Live in Nashville is a pulse-pounding performance from leading Christian metal act Demon Hunter.

1.Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne


3.Dead Throne 4.Untidaled 5.Mammoth 6.Vengeance 7.R.I.T 8.My Questions 9.Kansas 10.Born To Lose 11.Forever Decay 12.Chicago 13.Constance 14.Pretenders 15.Holdfast


17.Demon Hunter - Live In Nashville


19.Intro / Storm The Gates Of Hell 20.Lead Us Home 21.Ribcage 22.I Am You 23.Carry Me Down 24.Fading Away 25.The Soldier's Song 26.Follow The Wolves 27.Undying 28.Infected 29.Sixteen 30.My Heartstrings Come Undone 31.The Flame That Guides Us Home / Not I 32.Not Ready To Die
Price: $18.00 (on special, normally $25.00 )
Condition:Brand New