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Bethel Music (Redding, California) - Bright Ones

Artist:Bethel Music (Redding, California)
Title:Bright Ones
Description:Bright Ones is the growing kids' musical ministry of California's Bethel Church. Originating as Bethel Kids, the group is now comprised of teens 12-16 looking to share the good news of Christ's kingdom. This 13 track set features new versions of Bethel originals alongside fresh new songs.
Songs: 1.Bright Ones (With Peyton Allen & Esther Freeman) 2.Get Your Hopes Up (With Peyton Allen) 3.You're Gonna Be OK (With Téa Johnson) 4.No Longer Slaves (With Peyton Allen & Josie Buchanan) 5.We Dance (With Peyton Allen & Josie Buchanan) 6.Let My Life (With Chloe Vassallo) 7.Never Gonna Stop (With Sydney Allen) 8.Spirit Move (With Josie Buchanan) 9.Magnetic (With Elianna Hedge) 10.He Loves Me All The Time (With Sydney Allen) 11.Who You Are 12.For The One (With Judah Valenzuela & Bekah Riddle) 13.I Will Tell Nations
Released:2018-04-27 00:00:00.0
Genre(s):Kids, Worship
Price: 23.0
Condition:Brand New