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Chris Tomlin - Twin Pack!!

Chris Tomlin - Twin Pack!!

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Artist:Chris Tomlin
Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:The Noise We Make - The Noise We Make is the inspirational debut release from popular worship leader Chris Tomlin. One of the leading voices in progressive worship today, Chris is best known for his vocal/songwriting contributions on the highly successful Passion recordings. ...... Live From Austin - Join Chris Tomlin & band for a sparkling live performance, recorded at the Austin Music Hall in his hometown of Texas.

1.The Noise We Make


3.The Noise We Make 4.Forever 5.Kindness 6.America 7.The Wonderful Cross 8.Captured 9.Be Glorified 10.Happy Song 11.Need You Now 12.This Is Our God 13.Forever (Radio Remix) 14.We Fall Down (Botswana)


16.Live From Austin


18.Indescribable 19.Forever 20.Kindness 21.Unchanging (Raise Up Holy Hands) 22.On Our Side 23.This Is Our God 24.How Great Is Our God 25.Famous One
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