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Finding Faith - Finding Faith

Finding Faith - Finding Faith
Artist:Finding Faith
Title:Finding Faith
Description:Human Nature's Andrew Tierney & worship pastor Timothy Dunfield have formed Finding Faith, a new pop vocal/guitar duo & song writing team. "Everyone has faith in their life. Our faith informs how we live, how we love & how we write. This album is the result of that faith. We hope listening to it will be a blessing to you too. We're beyond excited to finally share it with you".
Songs: 1.Good Hands 2.Love Be The River 3.Precious Life 4.God Is Amazing 5.There Is Love 6.If I Ever Needed Someone 7.Scars & Grace 8.Bring Down The Heavens 9.Cornerstone 10.Overflow 11.Great Day 12.God Of Grace
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Condition:Brand New