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Charlie Hall - Twin Pack!!

Charlie Hall - Twin Pack!!
Artist:Charlie Hall
Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:The Bright Sadness - Creating music for the sole purpose of making God's name renown, celebrated worship artist Charlie Hall brings a collection of songs that reflect his spiritual journaling these last few years, the album, according to Hall, 'comes from me understanding my ordinary human condition & my deep love for Jesus'...... On The Road To Beautiful - Respected songwriter & worship leader Charlie Hall continues to share his musical gifts with the world. His second album is chock full of contemporary pop & modern rock originals, balancing intimate & corporate worship styles.

1.The Bright Sadness


3.Chainbreaker 4.New Year 5.Walk The World 6.My Brightness 7.Scenes 8.Thrill 9.The Second Alive 10.Hookers & Robbers 11.Bloom Again 12.You Are God 13.Knit My Heart 14.Mystery


16.On The Road To Beautiful


18.I Will Overcome 19.My Drink (I Remember You) 20.On The Road To Beautiful 21.Chasing 22.Waking Up 23.Beautiful Of Heaven 24.Swimming From The Shipwreck 25.All The Earth 26.Priceless Treasure 27.The Rising Shout 28.Holy Heart 29.Sending
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