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Crowder - Twin Pack!!

Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:Crowder - American Prodigal - Deluxe Ed - Since his debut with the David Crowder Band, the native Texan has set the bar for progressive, forward-thinking church music, with a servant's heart and poet's pen. This 2016 release returns Crowder to his roots-and-rock origins with a set of thought-provoking, worshipful original songs.......Corey Crowder - Gold & The Sand - Georgia native Corey offers his soulful, easygoing debut, blending pop, folk, jazz & country styles into a smooth collection of original tunes.

1.Crowder - American Prodigal - Deluxe Ed


3.American Intro 4.Keep Me 5.Run Devil Run 6.My Victory 7.Prove It (With KB) 8.All You Burdens 9.Back To The Garden 10.Forgiven 11.Promised Land (Glory Hallelujah) (With Tedashii) 12.All My Hope 13.Shouting Grounds 14.Shepherd 15.All We Sinners 16.American Outro 17.Praise The Lord 18.Great Rejoicing 19.American I/O (With BT)


21.Corey Crowder - Gold & The Sand


23.Southern Way 24.Love 25.Look How Far We've Come 26.Higher Ground 27.Leaving You 28.Helpless Heart 29.Innocence 30.Changes 31.Devils 32.Slow Down 33.I've Become Something 34.Lonesome Road
Released:2016-09-16 00:00:00.0
Genre(s):Contemporary, Worship
Price: 25.0 (on special, normally 33.0 )
Condition:Brand New