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Cool Hand Luke - Twin Pack!!

Cool Hand Luke - Twin Pack!!

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Artist:Cool Hand Luke
Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:The Balancing Act - The 3rd album release from this Tennesee trio is packed with new songs, rare tunes from independent releases & Cool Hand Luke classics. The Balancing Act charts the bands progress with evolving sounds honed by a strong touring schedule......The Fires Of Life - Continuing on their quest to make music that is relevant both artistically & spiritually, Cool Hand Luke unveils their second Floodgate Records project 'The Fires Of Life'. Blending modern worship & British pop/rock sounds.

1.The Balancing Act


3.The Balancing Act 4.So Shall It Be 5.Wonder Tour 6.Cinematic 7.Case Of Emergency 8.10 Or 40 9.Sideways 10.A Thank You 11.This Is Love 12.One Time 13.I'm Not Ready 14.Skydive 15.Rest For The Weary 16.A Floating Smile


18.The Fires Of Life


20.Skydive 21.The Foster 22.Rats In The Cellar 23.Cinematic 24.I'm Not Ready 25.Sequence #3 26.Friendly Jas 27.I'm Not Running 28.The Zombie Song 29.Rest For The Weary 30.The Fires Of Life
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