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Chris Sligh - Twin Pack!!

Chris Sligh - Twin Pack!!
Artist:Chris Sligh
Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:Running Back To You - American Idol alum Chris Sligh presents his debut release, a 13 song collection of contemporary & modern rock originals.......The Anatomy Of Broken - Dive deep into the human condition & our profound need for a Savior with Chris's heartfelt collection of powerful songs demonstrating the importance of extending compassion, mercy & forgiveness to others.

1.Running Back To You


3.Arise 4.Cry Tonight 5.I'm Clean 6.Empty Me 7.Something Beautiful 8.Let You Know 9.In A Moment 10.Are You Pleased 11.Potential 12.Loaded Gun 13.Waiting For You 14.Love Is Raining Down 15.Vessel


17.The Anatomy Of Broken


19.Only You Can Save 20.In The Weak 21.Our Love 22.One 23.Scars 24.Taking It Back 25.Catching Up 26.Naive 27.Chasing Down A Name 28.Beginning (Not The End) 29.Sunny 30.Still You Love Me 31.Love Is The Answer 32.Broken (Beautiful)
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