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Brittany Hargest - Girls Twin Pack Special!!

Brittany Hargest - Girls Twin Pack Special!!
Artist:Brittany Hargest
Title:Girls Twin Pack Special!!
Description:Brittany Hargest - Love All The Way - This is the first solo release from Jump5's Brittany Hargest. Known for her high energy & soaring vocals in Jump5 & she delivers this on a more mature record. Lyrically it focuses on God's love, the way he views us as his children & learning to view ourselves & our world through his eyes. ..... Cadia - Self Titled - Long-time best friends Courtney & Tori have been singing & performing together for years. After becoming friends in the 7th grade, the girls found themselves walking through their difficult teenage years together. Looking back & learning from these experiences, the girls have banded together to address themes of honesty, empowerment, self-esteem, compassion & confidence found in God. Their name, Cadia, is derived from the Greek word Arcadia, meaning place of peace, symbolizing the peace found when fears, insecurities & trials are released.

1.Brittany Hargest - Love All The Way


3.Critical 4.Love All The Way 5.Slow Motion 6.Miracle 7.You Met Me 8.I Believe In You 9.He Can 10.Like A Fire 11.Bring The Party 12.Put It All Together


14.Cadia - Self Titled


16.Trust In Me Now 17.I'll Stay 18.Safe Place To Fall 19.This One's For the Girls 20.Shadowfeet 21.Jesus 22.Only A Prayer Away 23.Speak 24.Radiate 25.Curious 26.Inside Out
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Condition:Brand New