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Among The Thirsty - Wonder & Who You Say I Am - Twin Pack!

Among The Thirsty - Wonder & Who You Say I Am - Twin Pack!

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Artist:Among The Thirsty
Title:Wonder & Who You Say I Am - Twin Pack!
Description:Wonder - The Clearwater, Florida-based quartet breaks out of the box with Wonder, a worshipful blend of driving rock & adult contemporary styles....... Who You Say I Am - After landing on the map with their successful debut album, this band continues to amaze! Now they're back & this new album has more songs with the catchy sound that made them famous!



3.Do Over 4.Don't Sit Down 5.Wonder 6.I'd Need A Savior 7.Full Of Life 8.One Sound 9.You Are My Worship 10.Sadie 11.Twenty Something 12.Wake Up 13.Wonder (Reprise)


15.Who You Say I Am


17.What Love Looks Like 18.Who You Say I Am 19.Completely 20.Trust 21.At The Cross 22.Beautiful Life 23.Over & Over 24.Do It For You 25.Never Leave You 26.How You Love Me
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