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Alabaster Box - After Edmond & Alabaster Box - Twin Pack!

Alabaster Box - After Edmond & Alabaster Box - Twin Pack!

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Artist:Alabaster Box
Title:After Edmond & Alabaster Box - Twin Pack!
Description:Alabaster Box - Alabaster Box soon established themselves as Australia's premier Christian music band with a string of number one radio singles & packed shows. Since moving to Nashville, the band says "We have a new sound, it's bigger, better & has a more powerful message than anything we've ever done". ......... After Edmond - Hello - After Edmund is poised to take the Christian music scene by storm. Kicking off their debut album After Edmund tackles themes of a desperate desire to feel God's presence, being honest in the midst of pain & losing everything to truly find Christ.

1.Alabaster Box - We Will Not Be Silent


3.Bigger 4.We Will Not Be Silent 5.Chosen Generation 6.These Old Walls 7.New York 8.Fearlessly Stumble 9.Desire 10.Perfect 11.Be With You 12.Live Life Loud


14.After Edmond - Hello


16.Thank God 17.Fighting For Your Heart 18.Everyone 19.Like A Dream 20.Darkest Room 21.Come & Rain Down 22.Tears 23.Stealing Away 24.Go Oboe 25.Clouds 26.It's Alright 27.To See You Leave
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