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Addison Road - Addison Road - Twin Pack!

Addison Road - Addison Road - Twin Pack!

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Artist:Addison Road
Title:Addison Road - Twin Pack!
Description:Addison Road - Texas 5-piece Addison Road offers it's self-titled debut for INO Records, featuring energetic pop rock compositions about finding your place in the world & in God's grace. ........ Stories - Addison Road's 2nd full length release blends ear-catching pop/rock melodies with lead singer Jenny Simmons' elegant voice, drawing on the group's radio success & heavy tour schedule for a solid set of new songs. Stories includes catchy & fun, but also meaningful songs.

1.Addison Road


3.This Could Be Our Day 4.All That Matters 5.Sticking With You 6.Hope Now 7.Start Over Again 8.It Just Takes One 9.Always Love 10.Casualties 11.Run 12.What Do I Know Of Holy




16.Fight Another Day 17.Change In The Making 18.This Little Light 19.Won't Let Me Go 20.Need You Now 21.Show Me Life 22.Don't Wait 23.Where It All Begins 24.Who I Am In You 25.My Story
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