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Bebo Norman - Bebo Norman & Absolute Smash Hits - Twin Pack!!

Bebo Norman - Bebo Norman & Absolute Smash Hits - Twin Pack!!
Artist:Bebo Norman
Title:Bebo Norman & Absolute Smash Hits - Twin Pack!!
Description:Bebo Norman - Myself When I Am Real - Known for his poetic lyrics, signature vocals & easy-going nature, Bebo captures the hearts of listeners within moments! ...... Absolute Smash Hits features 25 of the year's greatest songs from today's top artists! Includes chart toppers from Jeff Deyo, By the Tree, Ginny Owens, Nate Sallie, BarlowGirl & many more.

1.Bebo Norman - Myself When I Am Real


3.Our Mystery 4.Beautiful You 5.Great Light Of The World 6.Falling Down 7.Where The Trees Stand Still 8.So Afraid 9.Just To Look At You 10.Long Way Home 11.Everything Under The Sun 12.My Love 13.Back To Me


15. Absolute Smash Hits


17.This Fragile Breath - Todd Agnew 18.Undo Me - Jennifer Knapp 19.Sink-n-Swim - Plumb 20.More Love, More Power - Jeff Deyo 21.Hero - Superchic[k] 22.Invade My Soul - By The Tree 23.Should I Tell Them - Shaun Groves 24.I Am - Ginny Owens 25.They All Fall Down - Grits 26.Broken - 12 Stones 27.Your Love Never Changes - Paul Wright 28.With You - Exit East 29.I Can Tell - Broken Frame 30.In Christ - Big Daddy Weave 31.River - Out Of Eden 32.Look What You've Done - Tree63 33.God Believes In You - Jill Phillips 34.My Heart Goes Out - Warren Barfield 35.Harder Than The First Time - BarlowGirl 36.Reality - Big Dismal 37.All About You - Nate Sallie 38.I Will Be - Natalie Grant 39.Coming Back Again - Palisade 40.Faith Like That - Jonah33 41.Franklin Park - James Clay
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