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Family Force 5 - Twin Pack

Family Force 5 - Twin Pack
Artist:Family Force 5
Title:Twin Pack
Description:Business Up Front/Party In The Back Diamond Edition - The Diamond Edition of Family Force 5's 'crunk-rock' debut showcases their upbeat party vibes & edgy style, complete with 3 extra tracks & new artwork. Their unique blend of neuro-rock, hiphop & electronics is sure to get your body movin. .... Dance Or Die - Widely considered one of the most significant bands in the CCM market, Family Force 5 is positioned to move to the next level with the release of Dance Or Die

1.Business Up Front/Party In The Back


3.Cadillac Phunque 4.Kountry Gentleman 5.X-Girlfriend 6.Drama Queen 7.Put Ur Hands Up 8.Love Addict 9.Earthquake 10.Replace Me 11.Lose Urself 12.Peachy 13.Supersonic 14.Numb 15.I Love You To Death 16.Face Down 17.Never Let Me Go


19.Dance Or Die


21.Dance Or Die 22.Get Your Back Off The Wall 23.Rip It Up 24.How In The World 25.Fever 26.Party Foul 27.D-I-E 4 Y-O-U 28.Share It With Me 29.The First Time 30.Wake The Dead 31.Radiator
Price: $20.00 (on special, normally $24.00 )
Condition:Brand New