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Eleventyseven - Twin Pack!!

Eleventyseven - Twin Pack!!
Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:Eleventyseven - And The Land Of Fake Believe - South Carolina natives Matt, Caleb & Jonathan, better known as Eleventyseven, offer their major label debut for Flicker Records. And the Land of Fake Believe features a high energy blast of fun filled punk pop on 11 tracks....... Eleventyseven - Galactic Conquest - The follow-up to the South Carolina trio's well-received debut expands their established punkpop sound with touches of electronics including vocoder vocals, neon keys & glitchy samples.

1.And The Land Of Fake Believe


3.More Than A Revolution 4.A Stellar Sayonara 5.Nostalgiatopia 6.MySpace 7.Here With Me 8.The Unicorn Revolt 9.Anti-Adieu 10.Odds & Even So's 11.Teenage Heartbreak 12.Yesterday's Glues 13.Reach That Far


15.Galactic Conquest


17.Initiation Sequence 18.Love In Your Arms 19.Happiness 20.Fight To Save Your Life 21.How It Feels To Be With You 22.It's Beautiful 23.Retail Value 24.Feel OK 25.12 Step Programs 26.Conan 27.Galaxies Collide 28.Program Terminated
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