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Edison Glass - Twin Pack!!

Edison Glass - Twin Pack!!
Artist:Edison Glass
Title:Twin Pack!!
Description:A Burn Or A Shiver - It's always nice to find an indie band that creates something catchy & relatively unique! Edison manages to give a lyrical exposition of a personal love life with Jesus, the struggles, the longing for something deeper and the simple joy of needing Him..... Time Is Fiction - Avoiding the traditional sophomore implosion, Edison Glass turn up the watts in ever more interesting & innovative rock music explorations on Time Is Fiction.

1.A Burn Or A Shiver


3.My Fair One 4.Forever 5.Starlight 6.This House 7.Today Has Wings 8.Dear Honesty 9.In Such A State 10.Angelic In Heart 11.Minutes For Memories 12.The River 13.You Mean The World To Me 14.A Burn Or A Shiver 15.When All We Have Is Taken Comfort


17.Time Is Fiction


19.Let Go 20.Cold Condition 21.Without A Sound 22.End Of You 23.All Our Memories 24.Chances 25.See Me Through 26.The Jig Is Up 27.Our Bodies Sing 28.Children In The Streets 29.Jean Val Jean 30.Time Is Fiction
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