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KJ-52 - It's Pronounced Five Two

KJ-52 - It's Pronounced Five Two
Title:It's Pronounced Five Two
Description:KJ-52's phat follow-up to his Collaborations album keeps on going in the same direction, with fun frolicky rhymes & heartfelt words of advice & wisdom. With catchy hooks & crazy beats abound, Pronounced is sure to earn a spot in your collection.
Songs: 1.Welcome To Five Two's 2.KJ Five Two 3.Whoop Whoop 4.Dear Slim Pt. 2 5.So In Love With You 6.Cartoon Network 7.Rock On 8.Back In The Day 9.Can I Speak With A Manager? 10.47 Pop Stars 11.Pick Yourself Up 12.Don't Go 13.Check Yourself 14.Infomercial 15.#1 Fan 16.I Feel So Good 17.I'm Guilty 18.Outro
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