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Red - Innocence & Instinct Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

Red - Innocence & Instinct Deluxe Edition CD/DVD
Title:Innocence & Instinct Deluxe Edition CD/DVD
Description:This DVD/CD set is thoughtful & powerful rock & roll, with a challenging look at the struggle inside each of us. This deluxe edition includes 4 bonus audio tracks, making of video documentary, music video, exclusive photo gallery & 12-page expanded booklet.
Songs: 1.Canto III (Intro) 2.Fight Inside 3.Death Of Me 4.Mystery Of You 5.Start Again 6.Never Be The Same 7.Confession (What's Inside My Head) 8.Shadows 9.Ordinary World 10.Out From Under 11.Take It All Away 12.Overtake You 13.Forever 14.Nothing & Everything
Genre(s):Alternative/Rock/Metal, Contemporary
Media:CD & DVD
Price: $12.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap