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Life Worship - Dance Again

Life Worship - Dance Again
Artist:Life Worship
Title:Dance Again
Description:This special album from Life was inspired by Amanda Varty. For 9 years she was practically bedridden with ME. Amanda & her husband went to church in hope of a miracle & she felt strength for the first time in years. 8 months later, the miracle was complete; Amanda was prayed for & got out of her wheelchair. And that's when she did the one thing that she had dreamed of doing all those years; she danced again, before God!
Songs: 1.Alive Inside 2.We Believe 3.One Thing Remains 4.Dance Again 5.Jesus' Blood 6.Found & Redeemed 7.His Kingdom Is Here 8.I Lift My Hands 9.The Promise Isn't Over 10.This Is My Surrender 11.Come All You Saints 12.Back Where I Belong 13.Emmanuel
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Condition:Brand New